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This technique consists of direct pressue injection of a fluid of liquefied materials into a problem area. This is accomplished by drilling a hole in the soil, inserting an injection pipe into the ground, and then pumping fluid grout to fill the spaces between the soil particles. Injection methods are tailored specifically to a project - how the  hole is drilled, what type of injection pipe is used, and what material is used are all determined by the specifics of the repair being performed.

The choice of materials offers hundreds of options, ranging from cement slurries to specially designed chemical grout solutions. The results are an increase in bearing capacity, prevention of water permeation, or stiffened soil for excavation shoring.

Here are pictures of our Permeation Grouting projects:

best - 1616 - perspective view

Picture1. Perspective view of the jobsite - New Haven, CT

1616 - grout barge

Picture 2. Grout equipment in a barge - New Haven, CT


1616 - grout plant

Picture 3. Grout plant - New Haven, CT


1616  - submarine passing through worksite 2

Picture 4. A submarine passing by our jobsite in New Haven, CT

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